Best Teas To Replace Coffee (8 Teas For Focus + Energy)


Looking for the best morning tea to replace coffee? If you are coffee lover who can’t handle coffee jitters, you’ll love these amazing teas as coffee alternatives!

Coffee is delicious, but intaking too much caffeine can lead to restlessness and a lack of sleep. If you feel anxious or shaky after drinking coffee, you might be highly sensitive to caffeine. If you are, I’ve listed the best teas to replace coffee with.

Teas contain less caffeine which prevents adverse symptoms you normally get from drinking too much coffee. You can still get the positive benefits you normally get from your cup of joe because teas still contain a small amount of caffeine. This means you’ll still get your increased focus, productivity, and energy.

Although coffee can have harmful side effects, I can’t discount its benefits when drunk in small amounts.

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Benefits Of Coffee

When drunk in moderate amounts, coffee can help with maintaining focus and reducing tiredness. For a short amount of time, coffee has the ability to improve brain function, as well as, exercise performance.

Most people drink coffee because it’s a stimulant. Coffee is the biggest source of caffeine. When taken in safe amounts, caffeine has great benefits, including helping you stay alert during early Monday morning meetings or lectures. Random fact: did you know that caffeine can help reduce cellulite?

Coffee is also high in antioxidants and nutrients. However, if you drink multiple cups of coffee a day, you might be intaking more nutrient than your body needs. This can lead to health problems.

Otherwise, coffee has great health benefits including extending your life span. Coffee lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Type 2 diabetes, and even depression. Coffee also helps with weight loss.

Disadvantages Of Coffee

When drunk in small amounts, coffee provides drinkers wonderful benefits. However, depending on the individual, drinking too much coffee can lead to uncomfortable side effects.

For people who are sensitive to caffeine, coffee may cause jitteriness and increased stress. Coffee can cause restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety. Did you know you can get a caffeine-induced anxiety disorder? Besides making you nervous, coffee can raise your blood pressure and increase your heart rate. Coffee can also lead to digestive problems.

As someone who is caffeine sensitive, I know how uncomfortable too much caffeine can make you. By just drinking one cup of coffee, my entire body trembles and my heart rate increases. I get hyper (although I don’t mind the extra energy when I need it) and can’t sleep if I take a sip of coffee past 3PM. I don’t get stressed related symptoms, but the trembling and heart beat is distracting. I feel like my body is overworked from the stimulation.

Excessive daily coffee intake can lead to addiction. Coffee addiction is a real problem. Caffeine is a highly addictive substance. When you miss a few cups of coffee, you can get unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These can include headaches and irritability.

Coffee can also be unhealthy for individuals who add too much sugar in it to reduce its bitter taste. Although coffee provides focus and energy, when the caffeine leaves your system, you can feel tired. This, of course, makes you want to have more coffee.

Why Should I Switch To Teas?

Teas contain less caffeine than coffee does. This means you can still get the extra benefits of caffeine (increased focus and energy) without the uncomfortable side effects.

Teas also contain nutrients and vitamins that provide you extra health benefits. Teas help boost your immune system and prevent certain diseases. Unlike coffee, teas won’t change your alertness and energy levels after the caffeine leaves your system.

Although teas contain caffeine, you should be aware that switching from coffees to teas might give you withdrawal symptoms. Most teas will have enough caffeine to prevent this, but if they don’t, you should expect withdrawal symptoms for a few days.

Similar to coffee, you shouldn’t drink an excessive amount of tea! Tea still contains caffeine. If you have too much, it might lead to the same symptoms as drinking too much coffee.

Best Teas To Replace Coffee

There are so many teas to choose from. Teas come in multiple flavors and aromas. Note that some teas can contain more caffeine than others. If you are caffeine sensitive, I recommend trying teas that contain less caffeine.

In this list, I selected teas that will leave you feeling energetic in the morning.

1. Matcha

Matcha is one of my favorite teas! It is also a delicious ingredient in sweets! Compared to green tea, matcha contains more caffeine and antioxidants. It is one of the best teas to replace coffee because it can increase brain function, attention, and memory.

Matcha contains L-theantine. This amino acid prevents the tiredness you normally feel when caffeine leaves your system. It also helps ease anxiety. Matcha is linked to better heart and liver health, it lowers the risk of diseases and it prevents cancer. It also helps with weight loss.

Matcha works wonderfully as a tea, but you can also add matcha into foods and other drinks. You can make a matcha latte, pudding, popsicle, protein shake, cake, or muffin!

Do you enjoy matcha lattes? Here are the best sweet matcha powders for lattes to make at home.

Price-wise, matcha can be more expensive than that of other teas. However, matcha is a superfood and provides multiple health benefits. It’s also a yummy baking ingredient!

2. Chai Tea

If you like spices and want a drink in the morning that gives you a hit of flavor, chai tea is a great choice for you. Chai tea is sweet and spicy. You can purchase chai tea in most coffee shops. Chai tea can also be made at home.

Compared to teas that are just tea bags dunked into hot water, chai tea can be more time consuming to make. Chai tea is made up of multiple ingredients including black tea, cinnamon, ginger, and other spices. When served, chai tea is often mixed with milk.

You can still get wonderful health benefits from chai tea. This includes improved heart health, lower blood pressure, and stable blood sugar levels. Chai tea also improves digestion and helps with weight loss. This is one of best teas to replace coffee for people who love spice!

You can buy chai tea in the form of pre-made tea bags if you don’t want to make your own! I also wrote a post on the best masala chai tea bags on Amazon.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is my tea of choice. Although I would love to drink matcha daily, green tea is more affordable. I drink a cup of green tea every morning to get a burst of energy. Drinking green tea increases my productivity by improving my focus. I also don’t get the caffeine jitters I normally get with coffee since green tea contains lower caffeine.

Did you know that green tea has multiple health benefits? Green tea is calming and can reduce stress. It lowers the risk of cancer, dementia, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. It also improves brain function. Green tea increases fat burning, helps with weight loss, and improves your physical performance. Did you know that it can also reduce bad breath? Green tea can prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities.

Besides being one of the best teas to replace coffee, green tea can be the key to living a longer life!

Green tea is affordable for everyday drinking. You can easily purchase a pack of a hundred tea bags like the one above. You’ll be set for the next hundred days!

4. Black Tea

Black tea gives off a wonderful aroma. It is a tea you often find in milk tea. Yum! Did you also know you can place a black tea bag into a shoe to get rid of odors?

Black tea has a stronger flavor and contains more caffeine than in other teas. It still has overall less caffeine than that of coffee. Black tea improves focus and provides you with more stable energy than coffee does. When drunk, black tea will give you a boost of energy in the mornings. This makes it a wonderful coffee alternative!

Black tea improves your overall health and immune system. It also may be the key to healthier looking skin because it contains essential vitamins that help with anti-aging. Additional benefits include improved metabolism and less cavities.

Health-wise, black tea has antioxidants that can reduce the risks of certain diseases. Black tea can improve heart and gut health. It can reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar. Black tea can prevent strokes and some cancers.

Black tea makes a great tea for energy and focus if you don’t mind the extra caffeine. Since black tea contains a higher amount of caffeine compared to most teas, you should avoid drinking an excessive amount. When I drink too much boba milk tea (made with black tea), my body trembles and I get the same effects of drinking too much coffee. Be careful because too much caffeine intake can lead to increased heartbeats and anxiety.

For people who need that extra kick of energy in the mornings, I recommend trying out English Breakfast.

5. Ginger Tea

When I was a child, my mother would prepare a ginger tea drink whenever I was sick. She would add in slices of lemon and a spoonful honey to appease the strong flavors of the tea.

By itself, ginger tea can have a spicy flavor. Ginger tea is an acquired taste. If you are able to go past the taste, ginger tea has wonderful health benefits.

When drunk, ginger tea improves your immune and digestive system. It is anti-inflammatory, lowers your blood pressure and blood sugar, improves heart health, and can help with weight loss. If you have a headache, you can try drinking ginger tea to sooth it.

6. White Tea

White tea is high in antioxidants. Its tea leaves are slightly sweet and contains a floral aroma. It contains little caffeine but can still give you an energy boost.

White tea has great health benefits. It helps improve your brain health, immune system, digestion, and oral health. White tea is also anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and can help with weight loss. It also is proven to help prevent cancer, and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. White tea is one of the best teas to replace coffee!

7. Oolong Tea

If you tend to get stressed often, I recommend trying out oolong tea. It is wonderful at reducing stress and anxiety. When drunk, it provides a calming effect on your body. It contains a small amount of caffeine and also an amino acid called L-theanine. This amino acid provides you a longer energy boost and leaves you feeling energized even when the caffeine leaves your system.

Oolong tea is one of the best teas to replace coffee it because has similar health benefits to that of green and black teas. It can improve brain function and memory. Oolong tea can prevent diabetes and cancers. It also improves heart and bone health, and reduces blood pressure. Oolong tea also helps with weight loss.

8. Kombucha

Have you ever tried kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea. It is made with yeast, sugar, and black tea. When fermented, kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol. In the mornings, kombucha is a great way to gain a boost of energy.

You might have seen kombucha bottles in the drink section of a grocery store. You can make you own kombucha at home, but I recommend purchasing a bottle at the store.

Due to the fermentation, homemade kombucha can contain more alcohol than expected. You don’t want to accidentally get buzzed at work! You can also accidentally contaminate your kombucha, making it not safe to drink. If kombucha is not made correctly, you can accidentally grow dangerous bacteria or mold. Homemade kombucha has lead to health problems and even death. If you are pregnant, I recommend consulting a doctor before drinking.

Properly made kombucha contains probiotics and antioxidants which boosts your gut and liver health. Kombucha can also reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, depression, type 2 diabetes and other chronic health problems. It can make a huge impact on restoring your digestive system!

Conclusion: Best Teas To Replace Coffee

I recommend replacing your morning cup of joe with a tea of your choice. If you are looking for better focus, energy, and productivity, tea can a great way to start your busy day.

Tea is a great replacement for people who are sensitive to caffeine, but still want the caffeine benefits.

Experiment with different types of teas! Every tea has its own distinctive flavors and aromas. Some teas are spicy and others are sweet. Some teas have more caffeine than others. Teas provide important nutrients to your body which give you wonderful health benefits.

I recommend a cup of tea daily. You will see improvements to your energy and focus levels. Just be careful not to drink tea in excessive amounts.

Let me know if you’ve tried any teas above! If not, is there a tea you are interested in switching into? I’ll love to know how it goes! I hope this post gave you some helpful tips on how to chose the best teas to replace coffee!