23 Cheap Hobbies For Couples Who Love A Good Time


Looking for couple hobbies and activities to do with your partner? Here are some fun cheap hobby ideas for couples. Whether you live together or do long distant, I’ve listed 23 creative cheap hobbies for couples.

Shared hobbies are enjoyable ways to spend time with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. For a tighter bond, try selecting a common interest/activity to work on with your partner every week.

Looking for other hobby ideas? I wrote a post on the best hobbies to turn into side hustles.

Without further ado, here’s the best inexpensive hobbies for couples! You’ll love this list of cheap hobbies!

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Cheap Hobbies For Couples

Below are 23 fun cheap hobbies for couples. In this list, I selected several cheap creative hobbies to do at home or outside. Best of all, both of you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to have fun!

1. Play Board/Games

Board games and game nights are excellent ways to have fun with your friends and friends. Why not spend time with your significant playing your favorite board games?

If you need board game ideas to play with your partner, I wrote a post on the best two person board games for couples. There are board games for every type of couple (like competitive strategy or purely conversational ones). If you are two are unabashedly comfortable and love a good laugh, here’s an actual board game you play on the toilet!

2. Hiking

Hiking is my all-time favorite hobby (it’s even more enjoyable with my favorite person). Hiking is one of the best cheap hobbies for couples who like exploring the outdoors, going on adventures, and being active. It is also one of the best hobbies for couples to stay healthy.

To get started, I recommend checking out local hiking trails with your partner. Go on weekend hikes with your partner and make it a goal to explore a new trail every week. If you two become serious hikers, try visiting and hiking at national parks for breathtaking views.

3. Read Together

Reading is one of the best fun cheap hobbies for couples at home. Find books in genres you two are interested in and start a mini book club! This is great hobby for couples living together, but will also work well with long-distant couples.

Read indoors or outside. Sit outside on a bench or on a picnic blanket by the beach, and read in silence. At home, you could have a weekly dedicated book time where you both sit down, read, and drink tea.

One of the best parts about books is you can read for free or cheap! I recommend borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from your local library using a free app called Libby.

You can also go for ebook and audiobook subscription services to read multiple books for only a small fee every month. Try Audible Plus and Kindle Unlimited free for your first month here.

4. Home Decorating

Looking for inexpensive hobbies for couples to do at home? Although some people may see home decorating as a chore, this is a great hobby for couples who enjoy home design. If you live with your partner, decorating is a wonderful way to personalize your apartment or house to fit both of your tastes.

To find a style you both like, I recommend adding images of home decor inspiration to a shared a Pinterest board. Spend time together planning, budgeting, and purchasing pieces to decorate your home.

For people who need decorating advice, I wrote posts on how to decorate a small balcony, as well as, how to decorate a small apartment on a budget.

5. Make A Collection

Love collecting items? Why not make a collection with your partner? Some easy, low-cost things to collect are patches, stickers, and pins.

To make a more sentimental collection, try collecting items of places you and your significant have been to. For example, collect national park stickers to show off all the parks you’ve visited.

Not sure what to do with a collection? I wrote posts on creative ways to display pins and buttons, things to decorate with stickers, and ideas on where to display patches.

6. Bicycling/Skating/Rollerblading

These outdoor activities make excellent cheap hobbies for couples. If you already have a bike, scooter, etc., spend time riding together.

Explore new places or just bike around the neighborhood. This is an easy, causal date idea for active couples who enjoy the outdoors.

7. Sticker Books

Do you both love stickers? Even as adults, you and your partner can still enjoy sticker books. If you and your partner prefer to stay at home, sticker books make great indoor hobbies for couples in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

There are multiple forms of sticker books such as sticker activity books or Paint By Sticker books (these are sticker puzzles where you “paint” into posters, like this Vintage Poster Paint By Sticker one). If you are looking for other fun sticker books to work on with your significant other, I wrote a post.

8. Frisbee

A game of frisbee is a fun and straight-forward activity to do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Head out to a park or beach, and you could literally throw a frisbee around for a few hours.

Frisbees are inexpensive and will last for years. If you don’t have a frisbee at home, I recommend this Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc. Not only is it super cheap, but it also glides long distances easily and is great for both beginner and adept throwers.

9. Play Chess

Chess is one of the best fun at home cheap hobbies for couples who love abstract strategy games. Every weekend, I go to a coffee shop with my boyfriend, drink coffee, and play a few games of chess. It’s a fun way to pass the time and challenge ourselves.

In my experience, chess is more fun when both players have similar skill levels (If one person is more experienced, they can teach the other the basics). For people who plan to play chess on the go, I recommend an affordable travel chess set like this one by QuadPro.

10. Make A Vision Board

A vision board contains images that represent a person’s goals for the future. Making a vision board with your partner is a great way to visualize your future together.

You and your significant other can make a vision board by simply gluing together a collage of inspiring images. I recommend making and sharing a vision board on Pinterest, by pining images that remind the two of you your shared goals and dreams.

11. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking is more fun when you do it with your partner. Work on a dish together or split up the cooking.

Instead of spending money at a restaurant, make dinner an activity and save money! Afterwards, clean up and do dishes together. Cleaning is more fun with a partner!

12. Spend Time With Pets Together

Hanging out with animals is one of the best fun cheap hobbies for couples in their 30s who love and have pets. Spend some time everyday walking your pooch or playing with your feline with your partner. Your pets will love it!

This is a great way to spend quality time with your partner and pet(s) without spending money. For newer couples, this can be a great to introduce your animal to your partner.

13. DIY Projects

If you and your partner love building things or working with your hands, collaborate on a DIY project! It’s okay if neither of you are handy people. Start with small projects and work up to the big ones! Along the way, you might make something really cool!

14. Make A Playlist

Do you both love music? Make a playlist together of both of your favorite songs. This is a great hobby for both long distance couples and couples living together .

Collaborate on multiple playlists for different occasions (like commuting, road trips, and everyday music). This is a great way to share your favorite songs and remind you of each other throughout the day. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favorite song!

15. Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is an excellent way to buy clothes and house goods for cheap. If and your partner love hunting for a great deal, try visiting a thrift store or second-hand store!

Thrift shopping is a fun cheap hobby for couples who love shopping and exploring. It is also a great place to shop for future DIY projects!

16. Go On Walks

Although simple, going on a daily stroll with your partner is a great way to get to know each other and ask about each other’s day. I recommend going on a walk after a meal (for better digestion). It’s a great way to sneak in a little bit of physical exercise and explore the neighborhood.

17. Start A Side Hustle

If you and your partner are ambitious people who love making money, start a side hustle with them! There are many enjoyable hobbies that also make money. If you are interested, I wrote a post on profitable fun hobby ideas you should try out with your significant other.

18. Puzzles

Puzzles are one of the best fun hobbies for couples at home. They make relaxing activities and are a wonderful way to destress after a long day.

You can purchase cheap jigsaw puzzles on sites like Amazon. After you and your partner finish a puzzle, frame it up as wall art and start a new one!

19. Write Letters To Each Other

Letter writing is a lost tradition that is now mostly reserved for special occasions. For couples in a long distant relationship, letters can be an intimate way to connect with each other and catch up.

For couples that frequently travel without their partner, try sending postcards of places you or they have visited. For a special touch in letters, add in stickers, teabags, and photographs. Letters are a great creative shared hobby for couples. Collect all the letters into a keep safe box to save them for the future.

20. Binge Watch Movies/TV Shows

If you and your partner love watching movies and TV shows, set aside some movies and shows to watch together. Dedicate a movie date night, make a list of films, and go down the list!

Although watching movies and TV shows is easy and fun, don’t do it every time you hang out (unless you want to get bored). Instead, switch it up with other couple hobbies on this list.

21. Scrapbook Memories Together

For couples who love doing creative crafts at home, try scrapbooking! This is great way to spend time together while documenting memories for the future. Scrapbooks make excellent hobbies for married couples.

Go to an arts and crafts store together and select your favorite scrapbooking supplies to decorate your book. Making a scrapbook together also makes it more sentimental and personal.

22. Learn A Skill

Love learning? If you and you partner have similar interests, try learning a new skill together! This can be anything from learning a new coding language, how to cook, a foreign language, how to paint, and more!

There are endless skills to learn! Pick one to work on together. After all, it is way more motivating to learn something when you have someone else to keep you accountable!

23. Do Chores Together

For some people, chores and errands can feel like a necessary evil. Doing chores with your significant other makes running errands more fun and satisfying.

Any activity becomes enjoyable with company! Side note: you also finish chores much quicker with two people!

Conclusion: Inexpensive Hobbies For Couples

In this post, I listed 23 fun cheap hobbies for couples. A shared hobby is a great way to get closer to your partner and spend quality time together. I hope this list gave you some helpful ideas of inexpensive hobbies for couples to do at home and outdoors.

Whether you are in a month-old relationship or a twenty-year-old one, a hobby can be great way to get closer and learn something new about your partner. Best of all, you don’t need to invest a great deal of money into a hobby you both enjoy! What is your favorite fun hobbies for couples?