6 Epic Ideas On How To Store + Organize Tea Bags


Looking for some creative ideas on how to store tea bags? In this post, I listed several awesome tea storage ideas and products to help you organize you tea bags at home.

Although most tea organizers are made for individually packaged tea bags, I’ve also listed some tea bag storage ideas for tea bags that are not individually wrapped. That way, you can determine the best way to store tea bags long term in your own home.

Without further ado, here’s several ideas on how to organize tea bags!

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Best Ideas On How To Store + Organize Tea Bags

Below, I listed several ideas on how to store tea bags, as well as, several recommended tea storage products to help you organize your tea bags at home. For every idea, I selected a product I felt had the most value for the cost.

Before we begin, here are some of the best tea bag storage and organizers out there:

Best Tea Bag Storage + Organizers

1. Organize Tea Bags With A Plastic Tea Bag Container

Clear Plastic Tea Bag Organizer | Amazon

For people who own tea bags that are not individually wrapped, I highly recommend using a plastic tea bag organizer with a lid (like this plastic tea bag organizer from Amazon). A sealed tea bag box will help your tea bags stay fresh longer and is one of the best way to store tea bags long term.

Plastic clear organizers also allow you to quickly find a specific tea bag without needing to open the container. They also have a clean and clear design, so you can store your plastic tea bag organizer neatly on any surface, drawer, or shelf.

Best Budget Stackable Tea Bag Organizer

This lidded plastic tea bag organizer is perfect for storing a large tea bag collection. It comes with 8 separate compartments so you can store and organize 8 types of tea bags neatly. This organizer is also stackable, making it an ideal tea bag storage for small kitchen spaces.

The only thing I would note is that the lid doesn’t snap close, so I don’t recommend storing this product vertically. The lid doesn’t seal completely, but this organizer should still work well for tea bags that are not individually wrapped.

Since the compartments are small, I recommend double checking the measurements to make sure your particular tea bags can fit smugly into the organizer.

2. Use A Spinning Tea Bag Carousel To Store Teas In Small Spaces

Spinning Tea Bag Carousel | Amazon

Looking for a clever ideas on how to store and display your favorite tea bags? Try using a spinning tea bag carousel! This type of tea organizer allows you to neatly display and easily find your favorite tea bags.

As someone who lives in a small space, I love space saving solutions to organize and store my home items. Lazy Susans and another spinning products (like this tea bag carousel) are perfect for storing items in hard to reach places. Although this spinning tea bag carousel would look great on any table or coffee/tea station, I recommend using this item in a small kitchen on a high shelf.

Best Designed Spinning Tea Bag Organizer For Small Spaces

This spinning tea bag carousel is a smart way to display, organize, and store your favorite teas. This tea organizer can hold up to 60 tea bags and has six separate tea bag holders. The tea bag holders are large, so this spinning tea storage should work well for most tea bag sizes.

I love the design of this product. This tea bag carousel is sturdy and beautifully designed. It is a great product to show off your favorite teas at home or organize your teas in a small kitchen.

3. Store A Large Tea Bag Collection In A Wooden Tea Bag Box

Wooden Tea Bag Box | Amazon

Looking for an attractive tea bag storage organizer? If you are an avid tea lover and collector, splurge on a wooden tea bag box! You can find many quality wooden tea bag organizers for a great price on Amazon (like this one).

Since wooden tea bag boxes are lidded, they are a great way to store tea bags long term, even tea bags that are not individually wrapped. Wooden tea bag boxes come in a variety of styles and stains. I recommend selecting one with a clear lid, so you easily find a particular tea bag without opening the lid.

Best Quality Wooden Tea Bag Box

This wooden tea bag box is absolutely beautiful. It has nine separate compartments to store and organize a large tea bag collection. This tea box is well crafted, made of solid wood, and has metal accents.

This is one of the most beautiful tea bag storage I’ve seen. The clear glass cover to allows you to easily view the tea bags inside while keeping the tea bags sealed away and fresh. If you are looking for a sturdy, well-constructed tea bag box, you can’t go wrong with this one.

4. For Tea Lovers Who Only Drink One Type Of Tea, Use A Tea Bag Dispenser

Porcelain Tea Bag Dispenser | Amazon

Looking for tea organizer ideas for your favorite daily tea? If you are a tea lover who only drinks one particular type of tea bag, I highly recommend using a tea bag dispenser to store and dispense your everyday tea. A tea bag caddy (like this porcelain one) can store several tea bags neatly and has a small opening so you can easily pull out a tea bag when needed.

If your tea bag caddy has an unsealable dispenser, I don’t recommend using it for tea bags that are not individually wrapped. However, if your tea bags ARE individually packaged, a tea dispenser is an excellent way to store a small amount of tea bags at home. If you are looking for cute and creative ideas on how to store a single type of tea bag. I highly recommend trying a tea bag dispenser out.

Best Tea Storage Solution For One Type Of Tea Bag

This porcelain tea bag dispenser is an awesome tea storage solution to store and organize a few tea bags. It comes in multiple beautiful colors such as lilac, turquoise, and yellow.

The lid on this tea bag dispenser keeps your tea bags away from sunlight and dust. This is an awesome tea dispenser to organize your tea bags without taking up much counter or table space.

This product is one of the cutest tea bag dispensers I have seen. It is well made and the perfect tea bag dispenser to place on an office desk, kitchen countertop, shelf, or tea/coffee station. I highly recommend it!

5. On A Budget? Store Teas In A Plastic Tea Bag Caddy

Plastic Tea Bag Caddy | Amazon

Clear plastic tea bag containers are excellent for storing tea bags on a budget. Not only do they look minimalist and clean, but they are also easy to clean.

If your tea bag caddy is transparent, note that the look of your caddy is reliant on what color your tea bag wrappers are. For this reason, it might not look as visually appealing on a table or tea/coffee station compared to other tea bag organizers from this list.

I highly recommend using a tea bag caddy to organize a your tea bags inside a drawer or cabinet. Tea bag caddies are a clever way to reduce tea bags boxes and keep all your favorite teas in one convenient spot.

Best Budget Tea Bag Storage

This plastic tea bag caddy set comes in a pack of two for a great price. Each caddy has three compartments so you can easily separate six types of tea bags. The clear sturdy plastic container makes it easy to see all your teas in one glance.

Since these tea bag caddies don’t have a lid, I don’t recommend using these containers for tea bags that are not individually wrapped. If you plan to set these caddies out on a table or tea/coffee station, expect dust to build up on your caddies overtime (like with any exposed item in your home).

Since these types of containers have excellent storage, these organizers are one of the best ways to store tea bags long term. This is an awesome, well-made product to reduce tea box clutter in your kitchen!

6. Store Your Tea Bags On The Wall With A Wall-Mounted Tea Bag Shelf

Wall-Mounted Tea Bag Shelf | Amazon

Looking for creative ideas on how to store tea bags at home? Try using a wall-mounted tea bag shelf!

A tea bag shelf is a clever way to add extra tea storage in a small kitchen. Even if you don’t plan to hang your shelf onto a wall, they are a great way to not only organize, but also display all your favorite teas. I highly recommend setting these out on a table or tea/coffee station.

Tea bag shelves are a clever way to add vertical storage in a small space. You can find these shelves in variety of sizes and styles, like this beautiful wood and iron basket one.

Best Flexible Tea Bag Display And Organizer

This wall-mounted tea bag shelf is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. This listing comes with one tea bag shelf, as well as, a K Cup holder. If you are a tea lover who uses both tea bags AND K Cups, this is an attractive organizer to store both of these items. I highly recommend it!

Although this tea bag shelf is meant to be hung on the wall, you could also set this product out on a countertop, table, or tea/coffee station. This product is flexible so you can arrange the tea bag and K Cup holder in several ways to work best for you.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Tea Bags Fresh: How To Store Teas Longterm

Need help keeping teas fresh? The best way to store tea bags long term is to keep tea bags in their original containers or in a sealed container.

For people who want to organize their tea bags in an organizer, I recommend using a lidded plastic or wooden tea container. Lidded tea containers are also excellent to keep tea bags that are not individually wrapped fresh.

For freshness, I recommend storing tea bags in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Store teas inside cabinets, drawers, and/or opaque containers. The more airtight your tea bag containers are, the fresher your teas will remain.

Tea Organizer + Storage Tips

Still need help deciding which tea organizer is for you? Here are some helpful tips:

  • For tea bags that are not individually wrapped, go for a lidded, airtight container to help maintain freshness.
  • To display teas on a countertop, table, wall, or tea/coffee station, go for a tea bag dispenser, tea bag carousel, wooden tea box, or tea bag shelf.
  • On a budget? Go for a simple plastic tea bag container or caddy. Although cheaper than other materials, you can find awesome sturdy plastic organizer options.
  • Live in a small space? If you can’t seem to find storage for all your tea bags, go for a wall-mounted tea bag shelf to increase kitchen storage space, place your teas in a tea bag carousel on a high shelf, or go for a stackable tea bag organizer.


In this post, I listed several creative ideas on how to store tea bags. I hope these tea storage ideas gave you some inspiration on how to organize tea bags at home.

I also listed several tips on how to store tea bags for longterm storage and freshness. With the rise of tea lovers, there are many awesome tea bag organizers available. I recommend checking out product descriptions, dimensions, and reviews to help determine whether a product is for you.

Good luck!