How To Store Yoga Mats At Home (6 Epic Ideas)


Yoga mats are essential for practicing yoga and working out. They provide a non-slippery surface to exercise on, as well as, padding for hard surfaces like wooden floors.

Unfortunately, yoga mats are not always easy to store. They tend to unroll on their own and accumulate dust, making it difficult to keep them organized and clean. In this post, I’ve gathered the best yoga mat storage ideas at home.

Without further ado, here’s how to store yoga mats at home!

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Best Yoga Mat Storage Products

How To Store Yoga Mats At Home

  1. Rope Basket
  2. Yoga Mat Band
  3. Wall-Mounted Rack
  4. Yoga Mat Bag
  5. Display Shelf
  6. Storage Cart

1. Rope Basket

Indressme Cotton Rope Basket | Amazon

Not sure how to store yoga mats at home? A cotton rope basket is a simple and practical way to store yoga mats. It’s not only functional, but also adds color and texture to any room.

Unlike wicker baskets, cotton rope baskets are made of a soft material that won’t scratch your items. They’re a great decorative container to store and transport items at home without damaging them! Use these beautiful baskets to carry laundry, hold toys in a child’s room, or store yoga mats in your home gym!

For storing yoga mats at home, I highly recommend this Cotton Rope Basket from Indressme. This basket is sturdy, holds its shape well, and is made of a soft material. Note that this product does comes folded for shipping. To return the basket its original shape, fill it with items and use an iron to flatten out creases.

Tip: If you are only storing one or two mats, I recommend using yoga mat bands to keep them from unrolling inside the basket.

2. Yoga Mat Band

Yoga mats are not easy to store. They tend to unroll on their own, making it difficult for you to store them in small spaces or transport them from place to place. Thankfully, a yoga mat band is a simple and effective solution to this problem.

Yoga mat bands are useful tools that allow you to store mats in a neat and tidy manner. They are straps that secure yoga mats in place so that they won’t unroll or flop open. These bands allow you to store and tuck away yoga mats in any small space! For people who need help keeping their mats rolled up in storage, this is one of the best yoga mat storage ideas at home!

I highly recommend using this Yoga Mat Slap Band from Gaiam. This bendable slap band secures your mat with one snap! It is designed to keep yoga mats tight rolled up and prevents them from flopping open while transporting or storing.

A yoga mat band is a great way to keep your mat rolled up. However, it won’t protect your yoga mat from dirt or dust while sitting in storage. If you need a solution that will also help keep your mat clean and dry at home, I recommend using a yoga mat bag instead.

3. Wall-Mounted Rack

Wallniture Wall-Mounted Yoga Mat Rack | Amazon

Looking for ideas on how to store yoga mats at home? Wall-mounted yoga mat racks are a great way to store and organize mats without taking up too much space. They are easy to install, affordable, and create extra storage space at home.

To store yoga mats, I highly recommend Wallniture’s Wall-Mounted Yoga Mat Rack. This product has three yoga mat holders and three hooks for hanging small items! It’s a great small space storage unit to keep your all gym equipment in one place. Use it to store resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, jump ropes, and more!

Wall-mounted yoga mat racks are perfect for small homes with limited storage space. They are excellent storage solutions for people who only need to store a few mats. However, if you have more than three yoga mats, you may want to consider purchasing a storage basket or cart that can hold more.

4. Yoga Mat Bag

Elenture Yoga Mat Bag | Amazon

A yoga mat bag is one of the best ways to store your mat at home. This bag helps prevents your yoga mat from unrolling and accumulating dust in storage. Besides keeping your mat clean and dry, a yoga mat bag has straps that allow you to conveniently carry it while traveling.

To store AND travel with your yoga mat, I highly recommend Elenture’s Yoga Mat Bag. This gorgeous product is made of high-quality canvas and has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It also has a large front compartment and a smaller side pocket that can fit keys, a phone, and other items you might need on the go!

For people who travel with their mats, this is one of the best yoga mat storage ideas at home!

Tip: Make sure your mat is completely dry before placing it inside a yoga mat bag. If the mat is wet, leave it out to dry before storing to prevent odors.

5. Display Shelf

Looking for more ideas on how to store yoga mats at home? A yoga mat display shelf is a gorgeous and unique way to display and store mats. Although they look like standard wall-mounted shelves, these shelves are specifically designed to hold yoga mats and keep them from unrolling.

To store yoga mats at home, check out this beautiful Yoga Mat Display Shelf from MyGift. This wooden shelf has a vintage gray finish and three shelves for storing yoga mats, exercise pads, and athletic foam rollers. It’s a unique product to display and store your mats in any room.

A yoga mat display shelf provides easy access to your mat when you need it and attractively shows off your favorite workout gear. Similar to the wall-mounted yoga mat rack, this yoga mat shelf is space-saving and perfect for homes with limited storage. If you only need to store one to three yoga mats at home, this is a great storage option!

6. Storage Cart

A storage cart is a great way to keep all of your yoga gear in one place. Besides yoga mats, you can use it to store multiple items like yoga balls, yoga bricks, dumbbells, foam rollers, jump ropes, kettlebells, and more! Storage carts also make it super easy to transport your workout equipment from one location to another.

If you need help organizing your home gym, I highly recommend Mythinglogic’s Home Gym Storage Rack. This product is high quality, easy to assemble, and has a large storage capacity. It has 360-degree lockable wheels, three metal mesh shelves, a side basket, and several sturdy hooks.

For people have multiple yoga gear and exercise equipment, this is one of the best yoga mat storage ideas at home! This is a great organizer to keep your mats and workout items all in one place!

Summarized: How To Store Yoga Mats At Home

In this post, I’ve gathered the best ideas on how to store yoga mats at home. Here are all the recommended products in one convenient list:


Yoga mats are an essential part of any yoga session. Unfortunately, after your workout, storing them can be a challenge. They tend to unroll and accumulate dust over time, making it difficult to keep them organized and clean. In this post, I’ve gathered the best yoga mat storage ideas at home.

To prevent your mat from unrolling in storage, I highly recommend using a yoga mat band or yoga mat bag. These products allow you to store yoga mats neatly at home and are also great for travel.

If you have limited storage at home, try using a wall-mounted storage unit like this yoga mat rack or display shelf. These pieces are great for displaying and storing one to three yoga mats.

Lastly, a cotton rope basket or storage cart is perfect for storing multiple yoga mats. If you want a dedicated spot for your mats and exercise equipment, I highly recommend using a storage cart!

I hope this post gave you some helpful ideas on how to store yoga mats at home. Good luck!