How To Keep A Cup Warm All Day (Best Methods)


Looking for ideas on how to keep a cup warm? Here are six awesome methods to keep your coffee or tea hot all day.

If you love sipping piping hot coffee at your desk, you’ll love these clever ideas. Below, I’ve listed the best methods to keep your coffee or tea warm for a long time. Most of the tips are cost effective and will keep your mug warm without electricity.

Without further ado, here’s how to keep drinks hot!

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How To Keep A Cup Warm

Below, I’ve listed several tips on how to keep a cup warm at home, on the go, or at your desk at the office. For each tip and trick, I’ve also recommended a quality product I felt had the most value for the cost.

Here’s how to keep your coffee or tea piping hot all day!

Best Products To Keep A Cup Warm

1. Keep Your Cup Warm With A Mug Cover

If you drink hot beverages out of a tea cup or coffee mug, try using a mug cover! Mug covers are silicone lids that securely seal the tops of open cups and mugs. Not only do they help keep a cup warm for a long time, but they also protect your beverage from dust, bugs, and curious household pets. They also fit most cup sizes!

I highly recommend purchasing a set of mug covers to use at home. You can buy a large quality set of mug covers for a low price (like this 6 pack mug cover set from Amazon).

Mug covers come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose a design you like best! If you are looking for a budget, cute way to keep your cup of tea or coffee warm at home, opt for a mug cover!

Best Budget Product To Keep Your Cup Warm

This mug cover set comes in a pack of 6 for an excellent price. These mug covers are made of durable silicone that can handle extreme heat. Each cover has decorative acrylic diamond-shaped knobs, making them look simple, but elegant.

This mug cover is airtight and STRONGLY seals over any smooth rimmed cups, mugs, and glasses. If you plan to travel with an open mug or cup, you can use these mug covers to prevent your hot beverage from sloshing out. These covers will also protect your teas and coffees from dust and bugs.

Not only will these mug covers help keep your cup warm, but they are also dishwasher and microwavable safe (just take off the diamond knob before microwaving)!

2. Drink Hot Beverages Out Of An Insulated Cup

Not sure how to keep a cup warm? Why not switch to an insulated cup to keep your coffee or tea piping hot all day long? To keep drinks warm long term, I highly recommend using a high quality insulated cup like this amazing Hydro Flask tumbler.

Although highly quality insulated cups are more expensive than an average coffee mug or tea cup, you can’t beat the insulation. A good insulated cup will literally keep your coffee hot all day! It’s the perfect tea or coffee cup to drink hot beverages on the go or at your desk.

It’s a simple way for keep coffee hot without electricity.

Best Insulated Cup For Hot Beverages

I’m a huge fan of Hydro Flask. Not only are their insulated products excellent at keeping beverages cold and hot, but they also have many beautiful color options.

Their insulated tumbler is an excellent cup to use for hot drinks. I personally use their tumbler to drink hot teas and it will literally keep your drinks hot FOR HOURS.

If you plan to use their tumbler for hot beverages, I highly recommend allowing your coffee or tea to cool down for a few minutes before closing the lid. Since the insulation is so good, you might burn your lip if you drink hot coffee out of it!

I would also note that the lid has an exposed mouth opening. I personally don’t mind it, because it doesn’t impact the insulation. Unless you fill the tumbler all the way up to the lid, your drink won’t spill out if you are driving.

3. Use A Mug Warmer

If you enjoy drinking your morning cup of tea or coffee in your favorite mug, try using an electric mug warmer. A mug warmer is clever product to keep a cup warm for a long time.

Simply place an electric mug warmer on a desk or side table and turn it on. Place a hot cup of coffee or tea on the mug warmer to help keep your beverage hot all day.

Mug warmers are intended to help maintain a beverage’s heat. For best results, I recommend placing a freshly brewed cup of coffee on the mug warmer, rather than using the mug warmer to heat up a cold cup of coffee. This is a great idea on how to keep drinks hot all day!

Best Designed, Quality Mug Warmer

Looking for the best way to keep coffee hot? This coffee mug warmer by Vobago is absolutely beautiful. Not only is the design gorgeous, but the colors are amazing. I love their blue shade! This product also comes in four other color options.

Although this electric mug warmer is slightly more expensive than other ones out there, the quality of this product is unbeatable. It is truly one of the best mug warmers to keep coffee piping hot all day.

This mug warmer has three temperature settings so you maintain your coffee’s heat to a temperature of your liking. It also has an automatic shut off after four hours. This is great safety feature in case you accidentally leave your mug warmer on unattended for extended periods of time.

4. Store Your Coffee/Tea In An Insulated Thermos Until You Are Ready To Drink

How do you keep a large batch of coffee or tea piping hot? Store your hot beverage inside an insulated thermos until you are ready to drink!

Although this is not a tip on how to keep a single cup warm, this is a great hack for people who make large amounts of coffee or tea to drink throughout the day. A quality thermos will help keep coffee hot all day long (Looking for an excellent thermos? I highly recommend this thermos from Stanley).

If you work at an office, you can keep your coffee inside your thermos at your desk and pour hot coffee out when you are ready to drink! A thermos is a great way to keep a large amount of coffee warm without electricity.

Best Insulated Thermos To Keep Drinks Pipping Hot

This classic vacuum insulated wide mouth bottle from Stanley is amazing! It has excellent insulation and can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Depending on how much tea or coffee you plan to store, you choose either the 1.1 or 2 quart size.

If you are looking for a high quality, durable thermos, you can’t go wrong with this one. This is the best way to keep coffee hot on the go!

5. Preheat Your Cup To Make Hot Drinks Stay Warm Longer

Although this hack won’t keep a cup warm all day, preheating a cup will help keep your cup of coffee or tea hot a much longer time than normal. Here’s how you can preheat a cup:

With A Microwave

  1. Fill up your cup with water.
  2. Microwave the cup in the microwave for about a minute.
  3. Pour out the water and fill your cup with a hot beverage of your choice.

With Boiling Water

  1. Fill your cup with boiling water.
  2. Wait for about 5 minutes.
  3. Pour out the water and fill your cup with hot coffee or tea.

This is an easy hack for people who don’t want buy additional products to keep their coffee warm. Although it won’t keep your coffee piping hot all day like a mug warmer or insulated cup would, this is a quick method to keep a cup warm without using electricity or additional products.

6. Use A Cup Cozy

A classic method on how to keep a cup warm is to use a cup cozy. Not only are cup cozies effective at preventing burns from hot cups, but they will also help keep your cup of coffee or tea warm longer.

Cup cozies are adorable and fun to use. You can crochet your own cup cozy or purchase one from sites like Amazon. Unfortunately for mugs users (or anyone who uses cups with a handles), most cozies will only fit handleless cups.

However, if you like to buy takeout coffee, this is a great single use cup sleeve alternative. It is also a great way to keep your coffeeshop coffee or tea hot longer without electricity. Although it won’t keep your coffee piping hot all day, it’s definitely a cute way to dress up your morning cup of joe on your desk.

Best Budget Reusable Cup Cozy

This hug your mug cup cozy is one of the cutest cup cozies I’ve seen. It is well designed and made of 100% knit acrylic with button accents.

This is a great cozy to protect your hands from heat. If you are looking for a reusable cup cozy, I highly recommend this product. Like with most cozies, I don’t recommend using this product with mugs or other cups with handles.

The Best Way To Keep A Cup Warm

In this post, I’ve listed several ways to keep a cup warm for a long time. Here’s my top two recommended choices:

Best Method: Use A Hydro Flask (Or Other Insulated Cup)

The best method on how to keep a cup warm is to use an insulated cup for your daily coffee or tea. Not only will a quality insulated cup keep your beverage piping hot all day, but it’s the perfect cup to use in any situation (such as for drinking coffee while traveling or working at your desk).

Although quality insulated cups can get pricey, they are an excellent investment that will last for years. All you need to do is fill up your insulated cup with hot tea or coffee and you are good to go for the rest of the day! This is the best way to keep coffee hot on the go!

Best Product: Hydro Flask Tumbler

Best Budget Method: Use A Mug Cover

On a budget? Keep a cup warm with a mug cover! Not only is a mug cover a great way to keep your coffee or tea hot a long time without electricity, but it is also an excellent lid to protect your hot beverages from dust, bugs, and curious house pets.

You can buy a large set for your whole family for an affordable price! I highly recommend having some mug covers available at home.

Best Budget Product: Diamond Mug Cover


In this post, I’ve listed some of the best methods on how to keep a cup warm. If you hate drinking a cup of lukewarm coffee while working at your desk, I highly recommend trying out some of tips above.

There are many ways to keep a coffee or tea hot. Choose one that works best for your lifestyle!

If you often drink hot beverages on the go, opt for an insulated cup, thermos, or mug cover to keep your drinks warm for a long time without using electricity. This method will also allow you to conveniently transport and drink piping hot coffee or teas all day.

If you are a homebody or work at home, most of these tips will work for you. Decide on which solution you like best.

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to keep drinks hot. Good luck!